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This comic was a half-good idea.

It felt forced. But I finished it. So I thought I'd share it.

Ripping off the New Year!

Man. Here's a depressing comic.

I was feelin' really down about myself when I drew that. I've done more since then. My emotions on the subjects at hand are still off and on. I dunno. This comic was done on Borden & Riley Bleedproof paper. It's nice. It takes my ink well.

Here is another comic I drew on this paper and my Pigma Micron pens with the Archival ink. I'm thinking of switching to Faber Castell pens, but they're a little more pricey.

In pencil the other day I drew Steve Buscemi while watching Boardwalk Empire.

A little better than my Stanley Tucci I drew the other day ... but still a little too much Don Knotts for me.

AND A ROBIT! Ro-bit! Robot!


Here's a color version of the picture I did for The Lost Panda Knights of Avalon our new drawing a day blog.

It's Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series

Blog Moving.

Well, I've never been so good at keeping this journal going. Except last week. Last week the drawing a day stuff happened. Maybe THIS NEW BLOG RIGHT HERE! will be new and different.

I will still be posting sporadic comics and design things here. Just not the daily drawing stuff.

Be sure to follow that link to new wonderfulness.

Friday's Pic!

Yesterday's drawings had a theme. It came up while we were watching Stanley Tucci's "The Impostors." Which he wrote directed and co-starred in with the wonderful Oliver Platt. Nathalie drew Oliver HERE. I drew Stanley:

If I didn't know any better, and somebody handed me that picture I would have said "Nice Bob Newhart!"

Ever since I drew that picture of the sailor girl the other day, I've been obsessing over how I really never learned to draw anatomy, as most my comic characters tend to be really cartoony and obscurely shaped.

Whenever a friend asks me to draw a picture of them I tend to decline, I've never had a really good grasp of caricatures ... this is not an excuse! This is an explanation of past behavior and a promise that I WILL GET BETTER AT DRAWING PEOPLE! STARTING NOW!

Come on world. Bring it!


A strangely large bunny wearing a tiger mask.



Sorry I didn't update last night.

I drew this picture on a page that's too big for my scanner, so I had to find my camera and take pictures.

The drawings are of "a bunch of cute puppets making a cake" I really drew "a bunch of cute puppets AND a cake" but whatever. Check Nathalie's blog later tonight for yesterday and today's drawings. "A dog balancing act" and "a rollerskating queen" respectively.

Look out for my drawing later of "a strangely large rabbit wearing a tiger mask"

Oh cute! Turtles!

Oh turtles! Reach for them cookies!

The drawing choices for today were either "a stack of turtles trying to reach a cookie jar" or "a pickup truck filled with human skulls"

I inked in brush pen today ... I still need to work on that :\


Click the picture for a link to her blog!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Here's a man losing to a dog at cards.

I didn't ink it because I was happy with SOME of the shading I did on it.

Check out Nathalie's robot that got lost on her site.



Here's Thursday and Friday's pictures. Drawn on time but posted days late.

Normal Updating will commence tomorrow.

An Eskimo w/ Pet Dragon.


A family of lemurs going on vacation.



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